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Product Highlight

The acclaimed Voltammetric Amperometric Amplifier now available  with  three  headstages  to   provide a factor of 100 times the sensitivity
     Now Amperometry and fast-scan cyclic voltammetry are easier than ever.  The Dagan Chem-Clamp is ideal for use on single cells, and in-vivo and in-vitro detection and study of neurotransmitters such as dopamine and norepinephrine.      chem-clamp

The Chem Clamp is the ideal amplifier for use with Dagan ProCFE Carbon Fiber electrodes now cited in many publications
  • Three headstages (one, ten, and one hundred Megohm
    feedback) for gains as small as 0.001 mV/pA.
  • Very low noise patch clamp technology
  • Three pole bessel filter
  • Extremely cost effective and easy to use  
  • Works with signals as small as one picoampere
  • Built in  voltage Command source for DC amperometry

Lead Times - January/February 2018

Small Items: Some items ship from stock. 
Headstages: Two to four weeks.
Instruments/Amplifiers/Controllers: Four to eight weeks.

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